Concept Clothing

SO Design specializes in Concept Fashion. So what exactly is a Concept In Apparel?

Concepts are Finely Crafted Design elements which are inspired by the fabric and go along with it. These Fashion elements are crafted over Front Placket, Pocket, Inside Collar, On the Shoulder and sometime on edges of the shirt.

Slashed Pocket with Narrow Fabric
The pocket is design in cut and stitch manner and twill tape used across the lower half giving it an exclusive look

Three Layered Round Collar
Three different types of twill tape and stitched within the fabric base. These look way different than the usual round collar shirts

Twilled Layer on Half Collar
The collar carries exclusive 3 layered twill tapes

Ring on the Placket
Exclusive ring woven and stitch with twill tape on front placket. Crafting inside collar

Paper Tape on Placket
Durable paper stitched with twill tape with button down collar and woven button